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Everyone wants to know, WHAT IS KAWAII and why did we all fall for the Cult of Cute?!

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Kawaii may not be for everyone, but there is something within kawaii culture that can touch everyone ~

So join the fun!
Help us share Japan’s culture of cute and how we use this colorful piece of pop culture for daily empowerment.

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Got a blog, youtube or other creative influential platform?

Share The Kawaii Way + some of your favorite savory DC Kawaii Style moments with your tribe, us, and the world!

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Art is such an important part of the human experience and creativity helps foster a stronger community.

Together, both help affect tremendous positive change, individually and communally.

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Got ideas of how we can work together and bring more kawaii to your tribe, ‘hood, or next event?

Just reach out ^.^ We love a good collaboration and always seeking evergreen partnership.

3 cheers for kawaii empowerment!

If dressing in kawaii fashion makes you happy, then do it! Life is ridiculously too short for you to not be happy.

Amy Rei

You're not perfect ... but you got a lot to give. Don't doubt yourself ~

Gigi ♡'s Cowboy Bebop

join the community

Of course we want to share kawaii with you too!

Be sure to join the community (it’s FREE!) and join us for one of our community meet-ups.

Semi Annual Harajuku Fashion Walk

Harajuku (in DC) Fashion Walks happen in Spring + Fall from McPherson Square, DC with three main points along the way for group pictures + other photo opportunities.

quarterly lifestyle + culture events

We nurture kawaii lovers + lifestylers to the fullest with community-hosted main events like Harajuku Day/ Weekend and International Lolita Day in hopes of attracting more kawaii in DC

Monthly Casual Kawaii MeetUp

Kawaii transcends the fashion, becoming a way of life - from the places we visit and the content we consume to the food we eat. So we casually commune indulging in inspired conversation with fashionable people in trendy spaces, around all things cute.

Tag us @dckawaiistyle or use the hashtag #dckawaiistyle and get your cute snap featured on our blog! ♡

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