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“Everyone has the opportunity to make a better life, but not everyone knows how to. For those who happen to know, help those who don’t”

Help us bring MORE KAWAII to DC!

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reaching our lofty dreams




We’re reaching for the stars and want you to know that all monies spent with us are being put to good use.
We’re saving for our first small financial goals – official business structure, non-profit status, and community seed monies

shop our zines + kawaii art

Kawaii Art for Community Efforts is the name of the game ~

Kawaii artists and community founder, Imani K Brown are repurposing 100% art and community dream zine sales to go towards DC Kawaii Style’s communal goals.


Sakura Matsuri

Annually, the community joins Japan America Society of DC for the best Japanese street festival in the US.

Tickets are always available through the community for everyone’s convenience.

join us in 2020!

‘fun swap’ swap meet

Our J-Fashion swap meet is the prefect way to get your closet up! Join us to indulge in sustainable fashion and see some thinsell or trade items that they no longer wear. It is a great way to see things in person and buy them without having to think about shipping! If you and another attendee are interested in each other’s things, you can also negotiate a trade!

Fall 2019

Kawaii in da hood
1st friday art shops

Our kawaii + creative workshops are designed to introduce you to the colourful world of kawaii through art + DIY exploration.

Each event is catered to cool kawaii quirkiness; filled with networking opportunities, lots of inspiration, colourful people, and positive juju!


3 cheers for kawaii empowerment!

I can’t wait to watch the community grow. It’s been absolutely amazing seeing members grow more confident as they discover their own style and their ability to express it.

Kyra ‘Ducky’ Lee
Social Media Coordinator

The future (& strength) of this comm rests in encouraging people to join in jfashion who have been watching from the sidelines

Alice Gardner-Bates,
Community Coordinator
+ Arts Ambassador

join the community

Of course we want to share kawaii with you too!

Be sure to join the community (it’s FREE!) and join us for one of our community meet-ups.

And don’t worry if you’re not local to DC ^.^ Join Anyway! We’ll have plenty online goodness to always include you, TOO! <3


Semi Annual Harajuku Fashion Walk

Harajuku (in DC) Fashion Walks happen in Spring + Fall from McPherson Square, DC with three main points along the way for group pictures + other photo opportunities.

quarterly lifestyle + culture events

We nurture kawaii lovers + lifestylers to the fullest with community-hosted main events like Harajuku Day/ Weekend and International Lolita Day in hopes of attracting more kawaii in DC

Monthly Casual Kawaii MeetUp

Kawaii transcends the fashion, becoming a way of life – from the places we visit and the content we consume to the food we eat.
So we casually commune indulging in inspired conversation with fashionable people in trendy spaces, around all things cute.

Tag us @dckawaiistyle or use the hashtag #dckawaiistyle and get your cute snap featured on our blog! ♡

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